SAIGA's Skills Transfer & Educational Programmes STEPSTM REVENUE, EXPENDITURE, ASSETS & LIABILITIES COURSE (REAL) Course Facts Background and topics covered * Please also read the fact sheet of the Foundation Course of the Public Finance Management Programme. The Public Finance and Management Act (PFM Act) regulates financial management at national and provincial level. The PFM Act also embraces constitutional institutions, public entities, national and provincial government business enterprises as well as entities under their ownership control. The PFM Act provides the framework for a paradigm shift from financial administration to financial management. The REAL-concept is introduced in the Public Finance Management Act and refers to Revenue, Expenditure, Assets and Liabilities. The Treasury Regulations identify amongst others the following areas of management (alphabetical) Asset Management Cash Management Debtor Management Expenditure Management Management of commitments, liabilities and contingencies Management of the budget process Project Management Revenue Management Strategic plans This Module deals with the above management concepts. A two-way approach is followed. The statutory prescribed norms and standards (including instructions) are dealt with as well as generally accepted best practice with regard to the relevant concepts. Hereby course participants are empowered to vary their management techniques and styles whilst staying within prescribed and allowed limits determined by legislation. Due to the emphasis the Public Finance Management Act places on measuring efficiency and effectiveness, the concept of costing becomes more important. The course therefore also deals with the following: Elements of costing The Activity Based Costing Approach (ABC) Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Cost-Effectiveness Study (CES) Activity Based Budgeting (ABB) in the public sector Emphasis is also placed on processes which need to be managed: Strategic planning Procurement Decision making Managing Revenue, Expenditure, Assets & Liabilities (REAL) The course is specifically designed from a public sector perspective and strikes a balance between management skills and the conceptual knowledge required to understand these concepts. Case Studies form an integral part of the learning experience. Group size is limited to enable optimal interaction, participation and maximum retention of knowledge and skills. Course participants have to bring along their financial calculators as these will be used in certain case studies. Participants receive detailed complimentary notes to facilitate continued learning even after the course itself has ended. Participants have to bring along financial calculators to enable them to do certain practical examples in class. All office bearers who have to deal with or who are responsible for REAL management will benefit greatly from attending this Module. Booking and cancellation policies Bookings Since only a limited number of participants can be accommodated, bookings will be handled on a first- come-first-served basis. To avoid disappointment submit your registration as soon as possible. Changes / cancellations: Tax invoices will be issued (faxed and posted) on receipt of your booking. Once a tax invoice has been  issued the department/delegate will be held liable for payment of the full course fee.  No refunds can  be made, but alternative delegates (substitutes) may attend the same course at no extra cost. All  booking changes or cancellations are charged at R1,539 (R1,350 plus 14% VAT) per delegate booking.  No cancellations or changes in booking will be accepted if not received in writing at least 5 working days  before the course. Invoices must be paid before the course starts. No certificates will be issued if  payment is outstanding. Outstanding payments incur 2% interest per month. Due to the minimal  information which banks provide in respect of direct deposits, participant have to fax their deposit slips  / electronic transfer slips to the Secretariat and state the invoice number/(s) to which the deposit  refers. As required by recent legislation, VAT numbers have to be provided with registration. The  Institute reserves the right to cancel a particular course due to unforeseen circumstances e.g.  insufficient bookings or unavailability of venues (in the last few years, only a few courses had to be  cancelled). In such event, participants will be informed at least two weeks before the scheduled course  date of such cancellations. Participants who have paid their fees will receive full refunds in the event of  SAIGA cancelling a course (SAIGA's liability in such event is limited to this refund). * To register for this course, or any other course, kindly complete one of your REGISTRATION FORMS
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