NEWS & COMMUNICATION SAIGA elects first Executive President [ Back to the News & Communication Page ] In January 2000, Professor Dieter Gloeck was elected as the Institutes’s first Executive President. His election coincides with the adoption of a new Constitution by the Institute. The new Constitution positions the Institute and gives the necessary impetus towards reform and a renaissance of government auditing in South Africa. More about SAIGA’s first Executive President, Prof. Dieter Gloeck. QUALIFICATIONS: BCom [Acc]; BCom [Acc] Hons; MCom [Acc]; DCom [Acc] Registered Government Auditor [RGA] Chartered Accountant [SA] Registered Accountant and Auditor [RAA] Professor: School of Accountancy, University of Pretoria Dieter serves as Chairman of various committees of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors and is a former member of the Auditing Standards Committee of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is a representative on the Interim Representative Council of Accountants. He is editor, author and co- author of more than 30 books on auditing and related topics. Since 1987 he has been project coordinator and editor of the QE-series (the questions and suggested solutions to the annual Qualifying Examination of the Public Accountants' and Auditors' Board) published by the School of Accountancy. He is co-founder of the Accounting Research Journal Meditari. His doctoral thesis is entitled: The expectation gap with regard to the auditing profession in the Republic of South Africa. He has published numerous articles and research reports both locally and internationally relating to the audit expectation gap. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of the Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing Research and the scientific journal of the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns and is Editor of the research publication Spotlight on Accountability and Auditing. He is the Editor and project leader of the authoritative research project Facts on audit firms in the Republic of South Africa, now in its eighth year. In 1997 the Institute of Commercial and Financial Accountants of Southern Africa awarded him the Presidential Award for his contribution towards reforming the accountancy and auditing profession in South Africa He has been actively involved in continued professional education courses in both the public and the private sector. This includes a nation wide training program to assist the Office of the Auditor-General in implementing a new audit approach. Since publication of the Treasury Control Bill in 1998, he has presented numerous courses and workshops on the TC Bill and the Public Finance Management Act. He is a Professor at the School of Accountancy, University of Pretoria where he is responsible for all Auditing Courses at pre- and post-graduate levels. In 1997 he was elected as Chairman of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors and in 2000 he became the Institute’s first Executive President. [ Back to the News & Communication Page ]
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