NEWS & COMMUNICATION PricewaterhouseCoopers Research Prize won by local accounting academics [ Back to the News & Communication Page ] The international accounting and auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers sponsors an annual prize for the best article published in the scientific research journal The Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing Research (SAJAAR). SAJAAR is the official refereed journal of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA). The adjudication is done by a Board consisting of accounting experts, academics, senior government auditors, members of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and a nominee of the benefactor. Represented on the Editorial Board are Auditor-Generals of New Zealand, various African states and members from a number of universities and the World Bank. Results of the ballot are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Board unanimously voted the article titled "Seeking a brighter future for auditing in South Africa" as the best scientific contribution for the 1999 year. The article is co-authored by Professors Dieter Gloeck and Herman de Jager from the School of Accountancy at the University of Pretoria. The article focuses on structural reforms in the South African audit profession. The authors present their discourse at a time when the existing legislation regarding the auditing profession in South Africa is being reviewed by a committee consisting of South Africa’s Public Protector and a retired judge with a view to producing a Bill to be tabled in Parliament. The authors hereby heed calls made by the drafters of the new statutory framework to present suggestions on the transformation of the audit profession in South Africa and address existing shortcomings. The authors propose the formation of a new body (or the transformation of the existing Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Board) to perform additional functions which would strengthen the statutory framework within which auditors operate. Their proposals also address social priorities and imbalances in South Africa. The work of Professors Gloeck and De Jager has also been submitted to the National Accountancy Consultative Forum assigned with the task of preparing draft legislation for the audit profession. In their article, the authors advise that current arrangements regarding the appointment of auditors be changed radically to re-establish crucial independence requirements and to generate funding for auditing research, educational bursaries and equity development. The proposed structures also offer a solution to the current dilemma that auditors face with regard to their professional liability. Both the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Board have made submissions for the relaxation of the current provisions ruling auditors’ liability which have, however been rejected by the South African Law Commission. By supporting research and the development of scientifically based arguments, SAIGA and PricewaterhouseCoopers aim to contribute towards the advancement of auditing and accountability in its broader context. [ Back to the News & Communication Page ]
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