Past Presidents of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA)  [ BACK TO SAIGA COUNCIL ] Prof Dieter Gloeck (1997 – 2015)
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The Institute’s Executive President (1997 – 2015) Prof Dieter Gloeck Registered Government Auditor CA[SA], RA Prof. Gloeck holds a Doctorate in Accounting and is Professor in the Department of Auditing, University of Pretoria Member of various committees in the auditing profession Author of more than 30 books and 300 articles on professional topics
Prof Dieter Gloeck was elected the first President of SAIGA. The third five-year term of SAIGA’s Executive President, Prof Dieter Gloeck, ended on 30 January 2015. After eighteen years at the helm of the Institute, Prof Gloeck announced at the July AGM that he would not make himself available for re-election. He left SAIGA at the end of January 2015. 1997 to 2015 Prof Gloeck took over the reins of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) in November 1997 as Chairman at a time when the Institute was facing a severe crisis. SAIGA’s Council had decided to dissolve the Institute and members were asked to support this decision by vote. The Office of the Auditor-General withdrew all support of the Institute in favour of the newly founded Institute for Public Finance and Auditing (IPFA). SAIGA was basically insolvent with no income stream, no running programmes, and no professional basis to retain or attract members. The membership base shrunk to around 200 as staff of the AG Office resigned and registered with IPFA. In the next two years, Prof Gloeck implemented a classic turn-around strategy – implementing some key strategies and programmes: Founded the Public Finance Management Academy and the Public Finance Management Programme through which the Institute presented a range of short courses aimed at assisting government departments to implement the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA). SAIGA’s Academy would, over the next decade become the preferred provider of education and training opportunities in the public sector, drawing thousands of public sector managers to attend its courses. At certain stages Prof Gloeck himself presented two PFMA courses a week. Changed the Institute’s Constitution to align itself with the new South Africa and creating the basis for SAIGA to function as a professional Institute. As Chair of the Innovation and Repositioning Committee, Prof Gloeck introduced numerous changes and new concepts many of which were readily copied by other professional bodies. In terms of the new Constitution, Prof Gloeck was elected by the member body as the Institute’s first Executive President in 2000. Developed a unique curriculum/syllabus for government auditors (Common Body of Knowledge and Skills for Registered Government Auditors) and registered the RGA- qualification with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Established a body of trainee auditors and extended the corporate members’ base through a vigorous marketing and information campaign. Created and designed a new image for the Institute and registered a number of related marketing emblems and symbols, including a Heraldic emblem, a SAIGA flag and banner and numerous other trademarks. Developed a set of practical experience guidelines for government auditors, factoring and incorporating the unique skills requirements to be able to audit effectively and efficiently in the public sector. On the back of its short course programme the Institute built a strong financial base which allowed it to increase its services to members and to start various programmes typical of a mature professional body. Amongst these programmes were: The first ever public sector Fraud Survey which would allow government departments to design effective fraud prevention plans. Prof Gloeck planned and executed this project. The Annual Public Sector Reporting Awards which soon became the yardstick to measure financial reporting practices in the public sector. Gloeck has chaired the Award committee since its inception fourteen years ago and was intensely involved in the operational matters of the Award. Prof Gloeck also initiated and created various publications which would act as medium to advance debate on accountability issues: Auditing SA, an annual journal with in-depth researched popular scientific articles. This publication emerged to a full-colour journal in 2014 and fills a unique niche by publishing articles of more than 5,000 words. Prof Gloeck contributed to every issue and also acted as Editor for certain issues. The Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing Research (SAJAAR).  A fully accredited scientific and research journal accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training. Specifically intended for scholarly debate. Prof Gloeck served on the Editorial Board. Spotlight on Accountability and Auditing. A research brief in which literature relating to a specific relevant topic is listed enabling readers to study this topic. SAIGA e-com. An electronic weekly newsletter to keep readers up-to-date with the latest national and international developments in the field of auditing, accounting and accountability. Since its first publication in 2004, Prof Gloeck was the Editor and sole contributor of this publication. Following the SAQA registration of the RGA qualification, Auditor-General (South Africa) [AGSA] recognised the RGA as one of only four professional qualifications in the Office. After Gloeck made numerous submissions to the Minster of Trade & Industries, RGAs were given the right to act as Accounting Officers. A service level agreement was signed with CIPC. Gloeck also convinced the Minister of Justice to allow Registered Government Auditors to act as Commissioners of Oath. In 2012, SAIGA was recognised by SAQA as a professional body and Prof Gloeck received the certificate to this effect from the Minister of Higher Education, Minister Blade Nzimande. The above growth and establishment of the Institute in the period 1997 to 2015 was made possible by the implementation of a unique business model developed and implemented by Gloeck. His undiluted personal commitment was a corner stone of this model and as SAIGA (and the tasks which had to be attended to) grew, he was forced to leave his full-time job as professor of Auditing at the University of Pretoria to manage a constantly growing and evolving SAIGA. Since SAIGA’s renaissance in 1998, the total income generated from projects driven and managed under his leadership and personal involvement, has exceeded 40 million Rand. The funds so generated have allowed SAIGA to function as an independent Institute and to develop products and to acquire assets so as to deliver a wide range of services to the advantage of its members, associates and the general public. At the Institute’s last AGM Prof Gloeck presented these facts as a discharge of his responsibilities as Executive President of SAIGA during his terms of office since 1997. In his last Executive President’s Report, Gloeck stated: “I am particularly proud that SAIGA has made huge advances in empowering members from designated groups to find a professional home. SAIGA currently has 54% black RGAs and our trainee auditors are comprised of 98% black trainees (including 49% black female trainees). SAIGA is also a Level 1 Contributor (Highest Level) to B-BBEE. Three groups in particular have ultimately benefited directly from the activities and work of the Institute and Prof Gloeck’s pioneering and untiring work: Registered Government Auditors – they enjoy the benefits of being auditing professionals Aspirant RGAs who get the opportunity to become members of a recognised professional body. The Auditor-General (South Africa): The AGSA employs members of the above groups and this enables the AGSA to deliver on its constitutional mandate: government auditing. SAIGA’s activities and structures assist the AGSA in its quest to professionalise and to build public sector auditing capacity. The Institute salutes a true auditing professional – Prof Dieter Gloeck SAIGA Council and EXCO member, Chair and Executive President 1997 – 2015 Prof Dieter Gloeck was awarded life-long honorary membership of the Institute.