AUDITING SA ABOUT THE PUBLICATION The first issue of Auditing SA was published in April 1998. It replaced the SAIGA Newsletter, which appeared until the end of 1997. The upgrading of the Newsletter to Auditing SA is one of the visible signs of the revival and growth of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors. Although a need for such a journal has existed for quite some time, it has never been addressed – for various reasons. This journal is unique in that it is the only journal in South Africa that focuses specifically on the field of Auditing and related aspects. The aim of this journal is to develop both the subject and the process of auditing. Auditing is universal, and the journal will therefore not focus specifically on either private or public sector auditing as such, but on the universal phenomenon of auditing. Auditing SA is a bi-annual publication, which is read by a unique target audience. It is provided free of charge to all members of The Southern African Institute of Government Auditors as part of their membership subscription, it is also distributed to senior government officials at national, provincial and local government level and to all accountants and auditors who attend our extensive continued professional education programmes. To mark certain occasions, Jubilee Issues are published over and above the "normal" issues. An example of such Jubilee Issue is the edition which focused on the celebration of 10 Years of Performance Auditing by the Office of the Auditor-General. As the journal of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors, Auditing SA wants to stimulate critical discourse in the field of auditing in Southern Africa. In view of the policy of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors to keep subscriptions as low as possible, Auditing SA is published in the most cost-effective way possible – the principle of substance over form applies here. Auditing can have different focal points, depending on the auditee, who can be in either the private or the public sector. The Editorial Board welcomes contributions on the subjects of accountability and auditing with an emphasis on the application in the public sector. Articles should ideally not exceed two thousand words. Please contact the editor if you require more details. The Editor Auditing SA PO Box 36303 MENLO PARK 0102 ADVERTISING RATES AND SPECIFICATIONS The journal Auditing SA carries advertising material on a limited scale. If you are interested in advertising, please contact the SAIGA Secretariat for advertising rates and specifications: SAIGA Secretariat PO Box 36303 Menlo Park 0102 South Africa Tel: International (+2712) 362-1221 National: (012) 362-1221 Fax: International (+2712) 362-1418 National: (012) 362-1418
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