AUDITING SA SUMMER 2009/10 Click on the links below to open the articles. The documents will open in a new page. * Don’t have PDF reader? Click HERE to get your FREE copy. ARTICLES in this issue Editorial: The gap grows wider (pdf) (Herman De Jager) Coach manage your team to freedom (pdf) (Karin Goosen) Does the South African public sector need a focussed professional accounting and finance qualification?  (pdf) (Lourens Erasmus & Nadia Shamsoodeen) Limiting auditors’ liability. An industry that’s seeking to have its cake and eat it… (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) Accrual accounting for the public sector – in need of a re-think? (pdf) (Andy Wynne) Towards the creation of competent accounting and auditing professionals – a South African perspective on learning and development (pdf) (Kato Plant) INTOSAI activities (pdf) (Jan van Schalkwyk) Public Sector guidance on accounting for public-private partnership agreements (pdf) (Amanda Botha) How ready are government departments for the audit of performance information? (pdf) (Mariaan Roos) Corruption in procurement – can we manage it? (pdf) (Eckhard Volker) An audit approach to Information Technology (IT) governance (pdf) (Pieter Bezuidenhout) An independent review of company financial statements (pdf) (Elza Odendaal) Use of country systems for effective development (pdf) (Marius Koen) Corporate governance compliance reporting in the annual reports of listed South African companies (pdf) (Tankiso Moloi & Karin Barac) King III in the public sector (pdf) (Paul Prinsloo & Louw Pieterse) Segment reporting in the public sector (pdf) (Belinda van der Merwe) The work of the INTOSAI work group on the value and benefits of SAIs (pdf) (Jan van Schalkwyk) Benchmarking financial reporting in the public sector (2009) (pdf) PDF 1 / PDF 2 ( Gloeck Speech ) / PDF 3 ( MEC Speech ) (Dieter Gloeck) [ BACK TO THE TOP ] ADVERTS in this issue The Cover The dawn of a new era in public sector auditing It's time to put on your RGA glasses Not just counting, but adding up too... I heard a bird sing! Who discovered water? The 2009 Annual Public Sector Reporting Awards Is the Zebra black with white stripes...? Take a leaf If you move too fast - things can get blurry... Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to get what you need... A South African game reserve without the Big5? The Auditor-general's reputation promise [ BACK TO THE TOP ]
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