AUDITING SA SUMMER 2011/12 Click on the links below to open the articles. The documents will open in a new page. * Don’t have PDF reader? Click HERE to get your FREE copy. ARTICLES in this issue Editorial: Is the public sector getting a raw deal? (pdf) Dieter Gloeck Ponzi Schemes in South Africa. A practical discussion (pdf) Eckhard Volker Knowledge sharing and learning in Public Financial Management through Communities of Practice: Experiences from Europe and Central Asia (pdf) (Marius Koen) Auditing in the public sector - Are lower standards really acceptable? (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) What challenges can entities expect when they adopt the Standards of GRAP that become effective from 1 April 2012? (pdf) (Amanda Botha) Benefits, risks and controls related to social media (pdf) (Pieter Bezuidenhout) Internal audit and sustainability (pdf) (Felicia Msiza) Audit committees and combined assurance (pdf) (Mariaan Roos) Financial statements and the public interest score (pdf) (Joanne Shev) Vacation work as a learning tool for auditing (pdf) (Judith Terblanche & Riaan Rudman) Innovation - A two-sided sword (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) General risks and controls related to VPNs (pdf) (Lydia Uys) Citizen X: Integrating corporated citizenship and stakeholder theory (pdf) (Lize-Marie Sahd & Riaan Rudman) Changing habits and mindsets (pdf) (Riaan Rudman) The role of guest lecturers in auditing education at a South African university - A case study (pdf) (Rika Butler & Pieter von Wielligh) Benchmarking financial reporting in the public sector (2011) (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) [ BACK TO THE TOP ] ADVERTS in this issue The Cover Change to something special Not just counting but adding up to... It’s time to put on your glasses Is the zebra black with white stripes? SAIGA Research Awards SAJAAR Against all odds… SAIGA Reporting Awards 2011 Don’t wait too long The desert is getting colourful The dawn of a new era Take a leaf …not getting the message? Don’t limit yourself – think Big! Not the best choice for the job… A2A Kopano Incorporated Making a lasting impression [ BACK TO THE TOP ]
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