AUDITING SA SUMMER 2012/13 Click on the links below to open the articles. The documents will open in a new page. * Don’t have PDF reader? Click HERE to get your FREE copy. ARTICLES in this issue Editorial Challenges in our country’s public sector (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) How can South Africa produce more black accountants? (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) How internal audit and other assurance providers fit within the concept of combined assurance (pdf) (Izelle Lewis) A proposal to implement a sustainable turnaround strategy for local government and for achieving a clean audit (pdf) (Kalane Rampai) Can the legislative mandate of internal audit at local government level, successfully address the service delivery protests occurring across South Africa? (pdf) (Rebecca Sepuru) Integrated reporting (pdf) (Pieter Conradie) Developing skills in government auditing (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) Should GBEs apply GRAP or IFRS? (pdf) (Gerhardus Burger) Internal audit's role in strategic risk (pdf) (Liezl Foxcroft) The interface between the internal audit function and the risk management function (pdf) (Hanief Mohamed) The challenges of integrated reporting in South Africa (pdf) (Joanne Shev) The effectiveness of audit committees in the public sector (pdf) (Cornelia Nel) Education boot camp 101 (pdf) (Marina Kirstein) Benchmarking financial reporting in the public sector (2012) (pdf) (Dieter Gloeck) [ BACK TO THE TOP ] ADVERTS in this issue     The Cover Strategy before structure Keep it straight Would you get out into this environment... You don’t have to walk on your hands… Do all just look the same to you? Don’t lose your head The steeper the STEPS – the better… In a grey world colour stands out SAIGA Reporting Awards 2012 Why wait to add the missing piece? The writing is on the wall… Who says you cannot write on darkness? Enjoy the view from the top Small but neat… Enlarging our nest Paris New York Clanwilliam Not just counting but adding up to… Reflection provides depth Perfectly adjusted to its environment [ BACK TO THE TOP ]
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