2004 RESULTS OF SAIGA'S REPORTING AWARDS Click on the BEELD Logo above to read the article that was published in BEELD. Results of the Third Annual Public Sector Reporting Awards (2003) published September 2004 The Department of Health (Free State) is the overall winner of SAIGA’s 2003 Reporting Awards (published September 2004) Other salient features: The full list of 2004 winners for the financial year ended 31 March 2003 is: [ 2004 RESULTS ][ TOP 20 LIST ][ MOST CONSISTENT DEPARTMENT ] [ BACK TO THE TOP ] Provincial statistics Independence statement: The Southern African Institute of Government Auditors received numerous offers for sponsorship of this project and specific categories. We do, however, believe that the information and the findings not only have to reflect absolute independence but that SAIGA also has to be seen and perceived to be independent. Consequently, no sponsor’s name is associated with the project – it is completely self- funded and independent. Quality assurance statement: The quality assurance relating to the technical analysis and evaluation, is done by the Department of Auditing, University of Pretoria. Media statement: Professor Dieter Gloeck, Executive President of SAIGA and Chairperson of the Award Committee praised the high scoring departments and pointed to the overall sustained improvement in adherence to reporting standards since the inception of the awards three years ago. This bodes well for increased transparency and public accountability. Gloeck lay emphasis on the fact that the score of 94.18% achieved by the winning department (Health - Free State) was the highest score that any department ever scored in the three years of the competition. SAIGA’s Executive President also pointed out that departmental reports generally contain more information than the annual financial statements of listed companies. The main reason for this is that in terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) performance information is now also provided in public sector reports. Compared to the standard format of private sector audit reports, the audit reports by the Auditor-General also provide a much more detailed account of the audit findings. Efforts need to be made to make the general public more aware of the existence of the annual reports of public sector entities. These reports contain a wealth of information that the public will find interesting and informative. “This is all about being accountable”. “And will contribute towards reducing the “service delivery expectation gap” as Gloeck put it. Gloeck suggested that all departmental reports should be published on the government website. The SAIGA Reporting Awards are now firmly established and have become a highly visible instrument to monitor public accountability and transparency in the public sector. Congratulations to all category winners and in particular the Department of Health (Free State) which stood out and is the overall winner of SAIGA’s second Reporting Awards (2003) published September 2004. [ 2004 RESULTS ][ TOP 20 LIST ][ MOST CONSISTENT DEPARTMENT ] [ BACK TO THE TOP ] The TOP 20 list Second SAIGA Reporting Awards - 2003 Since competition was intense special mention should also be made of departments which achieved a high score, but were not category winners. SAIGA has therefore decided to publish a “Top 20” list. The “Top 20” list shows that the competition was stiff – the lowest percentage in the Top 20 is above 88% (2002: 83%; 2001: 79%). The Top 20 table shows that some departments recorded admirable improvements, for example: the winner, the Department of Health [Free State], improved from position 37 last year to first. The Mpumalanga Treasury moved up from 111 to 14 and National Treasury from 51 to 11. [ 2004 RESULTS ][ TOP 20 LIST ][ MOST CONSISTENT DEPARTMENT ] [ BACK TO THE TOP ] Most consistent departments Second SAIGA Reporting Awards - 2003 The prestige of achieving the most consistent high performance over the past three years goes to the Department of Trade & Industry (refer to table below). Methodology: The positions of the departments on the Top 20 list in the 2003, 2002 and 2001 years were added to arrive at a combined score. Where two departments have the same score the position in this year’s Top 20 is deciding. The lower the combined score, the more consistent the department’s performance over the three years. [ 2004 RESULTS ][ TOP 20 LIST ][ MOST CONSISTENT DEPARTMENT ] [ BACK TO THE TOP ]
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