CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP Corporate membership may be granted to any corporate body, firm or institution which subscribes to the objectives of the Institute. Corporate membership may also be granted to any person who does not qualify as a full member but who subscribes to the aims and objects of the Institute. National or provincial government departments who wish to join as corporate members, are required to contact the SAIGA Secretariat in advance, providing statistics regarding their staff component and their offices. The Secretariat will then provide a quote for the annual membership. Annual corporate membership fees are payable for the year stretching from 1 April to 31 March (fees are payable at the beginning of the financial year). No application fees are charged. To accommodate special circumstances prevailing in the South African auditing profession, private sector audit firms consisting of a maximum of two partners pay a special reduced annual fee. For information about the exact membership fees, contact the SAIGA Secretariat or download the corporate membership application form. Apart from being associated with the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors, corporate membership has various advantages: Advantages of corporate membership: Free copies of our publications: Auditing SA, Spotlight on Accountability and Auditing; The Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing Research. Free copies of any research reports published (last year SAIGA published the results of the first ever Public Sector Fraud Survey). Classic A4 corporate membership certificate issued under the seal of the Institute. All staff members of the branch of the corporate members' firm may attend continued professional education courses of the Institute's continued professional education courses at discounted rates. Corporate members may advertise at preferential rates in our publications or utilise our website for these purposes. Corporate members enjoy preference in respect of bookings for advertisements in our publications. Corporate members are kept up to date regarding seminars, courses, workshops and other developments. The names of new corporate members are published in our journal Auditing SA. Achievements of corporate member firms are published free of charge in Auditing SA. For a small rate, corporate members are given the opportunity to have a link from the Institute's website to the firm's URL (web) address. In short, corporate members enjoy increased exposure in the public sector and government accountability auditing circles in particular. SAIGA's corporate members are seen to be part of developments in the public sector. APPLICATION FORM If you are interested in joining as a corporate member, please contact the SAIGA Secretariat, or download the application form below. Corporate Member Application Form (pdf) * Don’t have PDF reader ? Click HERE to get your FREE copy.
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