Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment

As a professional body registered with SAQA, the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) recognises and acknowledges Recognition of Prior Learning in the awarding of the Registered Government Auditor (RGA) professional designation.

SAIGA also recognises RPL as a process by which candidates who had gained skills and knowledge through informal and non-formal or experiential learning that can be assessed, recognised and awarded credits for such learning, if it meets the requirements for entering the SAIGA pathway to obtain the RGA professional designation.

Requirement for RPL assessment:

  • Membership of SAIGA as a trainee auditor;
  • A minimum of three years practical experience in public sector auditing within the public sector;
  • Proof of experience in the eleven GAE experience bands as stipulated in COBOKS; and
  • Completed and signed-off of the GATE Record by applicant’s superior.
Click here to apply for the RPL assessment, or alternatively email admin@saiga.co.za for further enquiries.