• We support our members through continuous professional development programmes in executing their functions.
  • To provide continuous tuition and development of all persons involved in the public-sector accountability framework.
  • We want to certify professional accountants and auditors in the public sector.
  • We build capacity within the public sector in connection with accountability.
  • We are an expert knowledge repository of auditing and accounting in the public sector.
  • Continuously promote and stimulate research in the field of auditing and accounting practices in the public sector.
  • To work in partnership with stakeholders to promote its members’ interests by focusing on the advancement of the disciplines of public sector accountability.
  • To maintain and expand membership of local and international bodies that regulate the accounting and auditing professions.
  • To maintain and expand partnerships with key public sector stakeholders.
  • To maintain and expand the Institute’s footprint in the public sector environment.


  • We subscribe to ethical behaviour
  • We deliver services and products of excellence
  • We embrace and drive change
  • We exist to contribute towards accountability
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