By Portia Morai

Oh my, it’s chilly outside! We are all uncomfortable during the transitional season of winter as we constantly strive to adapt to the icy days.

The country’s interior has been experiencing a cold front sweeping in from the coast, causing temperatures to routinely approach the freezing point.

Although the weather service has not officially proclaimed this to be South Africa’s coldest winter on record, I can assure you that it is unquestionably the coldest winter I have felt in recent memory. Brrr…

Naturally, we become more susceptible to the flu and colds, and those who are less fortunate are easily exposed to the chilly nights. The days are shorter, and the nights are longer.


And as if the nights aren’t cold enough, we also have an electricity crisis that makes our agony worse. The pesky Eskom has turned into a true nightmare with their annoying load-shedding stages. 


However, there are best ways to combat the cold such as consuming plenty of vitamin C, wearing warm clothing and drinking warm liquids.


Here are my tips to fight off the winter blues:

  • Stock up flu medication for kids
  • Ensure that there is a backup heat source in case of load-shedding
  • Ensure safety precautions are followed when using the paraffin heater or gas heater.
  • Always having plenty of oranges and naartjies on hand for the kids
  • Getting as much sunlight as I can each day, and so on.
  • Despite the icy conditions and nonstop sneezing, keep in mind that lower temperatures stimulate your brain. So, cheer up.
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