Continuous Professional Development

(CPD) training opportunities within the public sector space to advance public accountability and auditing

International Recognition

SAIGA adheres to global accounting curriculum benchmarks and guidelines which have been set by: INTOSAI, IFAC and PAFA

Technical Guidance

SAIGA members enjoy free consultation with an auditing and accounting expert who can assist in answering their technical questions within the duration period of 72 hours.


The Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) is operating on a non-profit basis to serve the public interest. Since its inception on 27 July 1988, the role and functions of SAIGA has been to serve the public sector and society by advancing public accountability and auditing in its widest sense.

As a professional body, SAIGA represents a unique brand of professionals, the Registered Government Auditor (RGA) in the public sector and in academia. The RGA is considered the highest professional designation within the public sector auditing (previously known as government auditing). We support the RGA professionals through Continuous Professional Development programmes, expert technical knowledge and advice, scientific research in accountability and accounting topics and other numerous programmes aimed at developing and advancing Competent public sector auditing and accounting professionals.

What's Happening at SAIGA

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Volume 21, Issue 1, November 2019