Government Auditing Specialism Programme

The programme registration for first semester starts from 1 November of each year and closes at the end of January, while the second semester registration starts from 1 February of each year to end of May.

GASP assessments are written as follows:

  • The first semester assessments are schedule each year during May/June and second semester in Oct/Nov. The GASP assessments comprise of 3 Papers and for a candidate to be successful, a minimum of 50% is required on each Paper.

GASP Training Programme Schedule

Accounting (GRAP/ IFRS)

25 May - 27 May

Accounting (MCS)

28 May - 29 May

Auditing (Auditing Theory and Standards)

30 June - 1 July

Auditing (Forensic Auditng)

2 July - 3 July

Auditing ( ICT Audit)

4 August - 5 August

GASP Assessment Timetable

Paper 1 – Regulatory Framework

21 September

Paper 2 – Accounting

23 September

Paper 3 – Auditing

25 September